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Parent Coaching

Why it Matters

Parent Coaching is helpful for parents who need some non-judgmental support to feel more confident as a parent.  You might want help navigating a specific parenting challenge or a tricky conversation.  Or you might be so overwhelmed that you need weekly support.  We will focus on your values and goals to solve any parenting problem you encounter.  Even one session can reduce stress and help you make some changes to ease the job of parenting. 

Rave Reviews

I cannot thank Jeanine enough. She was able to give me some great ideas I have been implementing at home with my boys ages 9 and 11. I have noticed a change and I have her to thank. Highly recommend parent coaching with Jeanine.  --LM, parent

Jeanine has been extremely helpful to me. I’m a teacher of young kids so I thought I had it all figured out...well I don’t and when we were facing major sleep issues with my 4 year old I was freaking out. Jeanine was calm, reassuring, and full or great ideas. Thank you!!!!  --LC, parent 

Common topics of parent coaching:

  • ​Tame temper tantrums without losing your cool

  • Establish new systems, routines, and expectations 

  • Make homework less of a battle

  • Understand child development and how to use that in parenting

  • Communicate more effectively with your child--at any age

  • Navigate parenting through a divorce or remarriage

  • Advocate for your child in the school setting

  • Manage and prevent sibling rivalry

  • Have tough conversations with your kids and teens: sex, drugs, friendships

  • Support your child through anxiety and worries

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