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Session Fees

Session Rates

1 Session



  • PARENT COACHING  (60 min.)

  • TEEN & ADULT THERAPY  (50 min.)

  • FAMILY COUNSELING  (50 min.)

  • INSURANCE: Not in-network for any insurance at present, but happy to provide a receipt for counseling services for you to submit.  


Questions & Answers

  • What makes a client appropriate for online services?
    First, you have to want to meet online; some people prefer in-person services. Clients that would be a good fit for online counseling: -Adults and teens who are willing and able to verbally process feelings, thoughts and behaviors. -Adults and teens who are motivated to participate in therapy or parent coaching. -Adults and teens who want the flexibility and ease of engaging in therapy or coaching without traveling to an office. -Adults and teens who want to have their favorite blanket, comfort item or beverage at their fingertips during therapy.
  • Why parent coaching?
    Throughout my career, I have come to realize that parent coaching provides quicker, more effective and longer lasting results in most families. You are your child's number one adult, so the changes you make in the way you communicate and connect with your child will have a life-long impact. Parenting is a life-long investment of time, energy, love, and let's be real, a lot of money. When you invest your time into parent coaching, your time outside of that as a parent will become more peaceful and rewarding. You will spend less time nagging and arguing, more time enjoying your child.
  • What makes parent coaching with me different?
    Many online parenting programs are one-size-fits-all. You might be required to have the self-discipline to watch videos and complete some of the instructional materials on your own time. Each family I work with will receive custom recommendations and suggestions based on your family's needs. While the topics and information I teach remains consistent, the way that information is integrated into your family will be exactly what YOU need. Once you learn some new strategies, you'll try them out, and we will tweak them based on how they worked with your family. You're investing a lot of time, energy, and money into improving your family life; you want to get what YOU need, not generic strategies. Also, I'm super fun to work with and full of cuss words, puns, and silliness. We will definitely share some laughs during the process.
  • Why don't you take insurance?
    There are several reasons I don't take insurance. Insurance companies require a diagnosis, but I am a strong believer that you don't need a diagnosis to receive or benefit from counseling. I'm also not comfortable sharing all of your treatment information with your insurance companies. At times, I would have to share confidential information for you to get the coverage for counseling services. Most of the time insurance companies have limits on the treatment you can receive, but those limits are not based on individual needs. I am always happy to provide documentation if you would like to submit for out-of-network reimbursement, but be aware, that requires a diagnosis. In most cases, parent coaching sessions cannot be submitted for reimbursement.
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