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Getting to know yourself is one of the best gifts you can give and receive.

Life is tough. Relationships, parenting, work, school...sometimes the stress seems never-ending and overwhelming.  A safe space to express your thoughts and emotions, feel validated, problem solve and learn new skills is an invaluable part of becoming your best self. Find that with Jeanine in the comfort of your own home through online support.


All clients must be an appropriate fit for online services.  

teen counseling


Ages 16 and up, residing in Florida or Georgia

Being a teenager and young adult is an exciting and turbulent time of constant change,  growth, and exploration.  The transition from high school to college is one of the first major life changes that people experience; having an outside support for your teen is one of the best gifts a parent can give.  Working with Jeanine, teens learn how to communicate more effectively, set boundaries, manage their ever-changing emotions, and better understand themselves to successfully navigate their transition into adulthood. She uses a combination of traditional talk therapy integrated with creative outlets to help teens fully express themselves.  Her clients know she's not a stuffy, super uptight therapist; she's been known to be very easy to talk to and quick to make a joke with clients to help them feel at ease.


​Grief and Loss
​Academic Underachievement
Divorce and Family Transitions
​Emotional Regulation

Life Transitions
​Coping Skills
Self Esteem & Body Image (HAES)
Behavioral Issues
​Family Turmoil

adult therapy


Residing in Florida or Georgia

You're exhausted, tired of carrying the mental load of your whole family.  Or maybe you're struggling with the relationships in your life: your partner, your parents, your kids, your friends, your coworkers.  Your stress level is through the roof.  You're worrying about things you used to not worry about and the worry is taking over.  Something is off, and you're just not feeling like your best self.  You know something has to change.

Therapy with Jeanine is a comfortable, accepting experience to help you find more peace and balance.  It's a chance to figure out what is best for YOU, a time to put yourself first.  It's an opportunity to learn more about yourself, explore what fulfills you in life and figure out ways to bring more of that into your day-to-day.  It's time to invest in yourself, feel more connected and confident.

parent coaching


From preschool to high school, residing anywhere

Parenting is a journey. When parents change the way they do things, the lasting change in their children is easy to see. When we combine your expertise as the parent and my expertise in relationship-building, child development, and communication, that's where the magic happens: harmony, joy and confidence. By meeting parents where they are, Jeanine is able give them the tangible tools they need to connect and deepen their relationships with their kids and find a happier, healthier way of communicating.  Parent coaching is typically a quicker, longer-lasting and more effective route to a more peaceful home life with your kids.


  • ​Tame temper tantrums without losing your cool

  • Establish new systems, routines, and expectations 

  • Make homework less of a battle

  • Understand child development and how to use that in parenting

  • Communicate more effectively with your child--at any age

  • Navigate parenting through a divorce or remarriage

  • Advocate for your child in the school setting

  • Manage and prevent sibling rivalry

  • Have tough conversations with your kids and teens: sex, drugs, friendships

  • Support your child through anxiety and worries



Establish family vision, establish routines throughout the day, create and manage chores and responsibilities, basics of co-regulation, choice language, limit setting language.


Identifying triggers/needs, understand developmentally appropriate expectations, deep dive into co-regulation, choice language, limit setting language, connecting with your child through play.


This 10-week course will help you become your child's play therapist.  Using Garry Landreth and Sue Bratton's curriculum, this research based program is for parents of young children experiencing emotional, behavioral, social, or attachment struggles.  As you strengthen your relationship with your child through play, their problem behaviors will subside.


Better understand developmental expectations and how to support independence, maintain stability through emotional roller coasters, learn communication and problem-solving skills that work to deepen your relationship with your teen, establish systems and expectations to help decrease nagging and arguing, navigate tough conversations.  Jeanine helps parents understand developmental expectations and how to support independence. Parents gain critical communication and problem-solving skills that help to deepen their relationships with their teens. Establishing daily systems and expectations help to reduce unpleasant nagging and arguing and increase affinity and trust.

To create a customized series tailored to your specific needs, contact me!

parent coaching series


For other mental health professionals, clinical supervision is a valuable addition to help you practice more confidently and ethically.  You may be on your way to licensure or adding the RPT credential.  I provide supervision for those seeking licensure in Florida and Georgia or the RPT credential world-wide.


Jeanine will help you with new, tangible ideas to better support your clients.  We will integrate client consultation, weaving theory into practice, maintaining ethical boundaries, and self care to help you grow as a clinician.   Jeanine will also help you navigate the licensure process to ensure you can practice independently.

Supervision Services


If you're thinking about making the leap into private practice or wanting to fill or expand your existing practice, I'm your gal for support.  I truly love the business side of practice, and it brings me such joy to see other clinicians reach their highest potential in private practice. Whether you need a one-time consult or an ongoing partner to teach you all of the ins and outs of private practice, I'm here to walk with you as you build a successful practice. 


Why work with me?  Over the past 8 years, I have built two thriving private practices: a group practice in Georgia and a solo practice in Florida.  I'm excited to share my knowledge and expertise to help you create the practice of your dreams.  From creating your niche to paperwork to marketing and even selling your practice, we will work together to authentically build a fulfilling practice.

clinical supervsion
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